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Companionship is a virtue that all men continuously seek, however, not everyone is successful. There are two main reasons men seek women; romance and sex. We will discuss places where people are likely to meet women for love and sex.

What type of woman do you seek?

Before deciding on the journey of love and sex, an individual has to decide what exactly he wants in a woman, here are some important features to have in mind:


Preferences differ especially with age, not everyone wants an older woman and not everyone wants a young lady. Would you want a lady 18–27, 28–40, or older? Level of education. While it isn’t a big deal for many men, some actually prefer women who have a level of formal education.


Do you want someone shy or bold? Which temperature will you prefer, a confrontational lady or a passive lady? Try to answer these questions before seeking a woman.


Some people like athletic women who are flexible and loves sport. Although, this doesn’t guarantee anything, but people preferences differ. Choose want to want and decide the type of woman you want for sex or love.

Where to meet a woman for sex and love?

There are many places where you can meet a woman for love and sex, they include


This is particularly recommended for new residents and shy people in a community. To get ladies for romance, and sex you need to visit bars close to your location, you will find your perfect match.


To get ladies in the park, buy a dog you can walk daily. Early in the morning, or during the weekend, walk along the park, very beautiful ladies and women pass regularly, you might just get lucky.

Markets, malls, and supermarkets

Visit the markets and malls regularly, there is a high probability you will meet a woman for love or sex. You should dress well and present yourself to these places, as first appearances matter.


There are many excellent museums around, it is recommended you to visit the closest to you. Women are generally lovers of arts, so visiting these museums will avail you the opportunity to meet ladies you can lay.


Yes, many people aren’t convinced they could see their love or sexual partner in a taxi, but it happens. Use Uber or Taxify, and you might be lucky to find a sexy lady beside you. Taxis are usually taken by people women who just want to be alone, you might get lucky someday.


Club especially nightclub remains a good location to find a woman for love and sex. Women you would find at clubs are also looking for someone to call their own.


Beaches are good places where you can find women for sex or romance. There are numerous beaches where you can find pretty women for love and sexual adventure.

Dating sites

Shy people can make use of these avenues to get women for romantic relationships and sex. There are many reliable dating sites that one can patronize and register for free. Dating sites could be free or paid, bu they offer good avenues to get love or sexual partners.

Meeting a woman for love and sex is simple when you know avenues you can visit. However, you should know what you desire in a woman before seeking places to meet one.