How to install a large patio ?

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A patio is the interior courtyard of a house intended to serve as a place of relaxation or to welcome guests. Still called a terrace (in some areas), the patio can be installed either by professionals or by yourself if you have the necessary tools at hand. How to install a large patio? We will explain everything to you!

Preparing the ground

This step takes into account the preparation of the foundation and the structure. It requires you to demarcate the total space that the patio will occupy. Next, determine the location of the concrete support blocks and dig holes at each location large enough to contain the blocks. After pouring stone dust into the holes, compact the holes and insert the support blocks.

Now screw the rim and rim joists to the concrete blocks to easily lay the planks of the structure. For more strength, double the edge joists using the boards. Install a solid plank in the middle of the perimeter and parallel to the end joists placed on the support blocks. Pour stones 1 inch thick inside the perimeter, then lay them out. So you prepare the ground. If weeds bother you often, get rid of them with a geotextile membrane.

Now use a hammer and galvanized nails and attach the metal hangers to the rim, center and opposite joists. Finally, place spacers in the center of the joists and perpendicularly.

Installation of the top bearing

Attach a structural board to the wall of the house, making sure it is straight. Now anchor the plank to the building by partially nailing the concrete anchors into the joist. Use an adjustable wrench to secure the anchors. Then form a second square using the edge and contour joists. This last square must be raised above the one fixed to the ground.

Form joists from the structural boards and nail metal hangers to each joist. Now install spacers on each joist perpendicularly. To complete the construction of the top landing, install decks on the ground structure and the one raised above the ground. With a clamp, glue the boards well to each other.

Installation of the pergola and screens

The installation of the pergola requires support posts. Use the posts to form the side edges of the pergola with wooden planks. Be careful, as the edges of the pergola should not be wider than the top landing. Securely screw the cross members of the pergola to the structural boards and put a spacer between each cross member. This will enhance the solidity of the installation.

To install the screen, start by placing the first post on the floor and a second in the location you want. On each of the posts, place a metal linear guide on the inside face and mark the holes where the blind supports will be inserted. Then attach the brackets to the posts and also attach screen boards to each end of the brackets. You just have to install the metal plate of the swivel system on one side of each board and their end to complete the installation of the screen.