Where to find flowers in Morocco at marrakech ?

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Morocco is one of the countries that attract tourists all over the world for its cultural richness and overall beauty. Indeed, the country offers many things, from an amazing landscape to interesting gastronomy. However, one very important aspect is its cultivation of flowers. Where to find flowers in Morocco at Marrakech? With the few tips shared in this piece, you can find a verity of flowers to choose from in the country.

Shop in physical stores

The beauty of flower cultivation and sales in morocco is that you can either choose to go to the shop yourself or place an order on the internet. There are quite a number of shops that offer same-day delivery service with customized hand-picked flowers, dropping them off wherever you want. This service can be used from anywhere around the world. In this section, we would be focusing on physical flowers stores in Marrakech.

If you are in search of a store where you can visit to get the best flowers from in Marrakech, here is a list we have compiled to help you out:

  • Le Kiosque Ă  Fleurs
  • Fleur Ever
  • Flower Lab
  • Flower Couture
  • Florajia fleuriste
  • Parmi lesfleurs

The stores listed above are some of the best in the area. Also, you can simply look them up on Google for their address and product offering page. They are all listed on Google business.

Flowers Morocco Marrakech: shop and delivery

Marrakech is known for its fertile soil, on which many citizens grow tons of plants. Indeed, the beauty of the regional capital of Morocco is largely due to the presence of amazing flowers in it. If you fall in the category of those who would rather remain at home and prefer their flowers to be delivered to them or wherever they want, here are some of the best online flower stores in Marrakech for you:


Flowers4marrakech is actually a service that spans most continents in the world. They take care of your flower delivery and customization services, allowing customers to add other extra items to the bouquet. All you need to do is place an order, and they would come through with the highest quality flowers at fair prices.

Mondialflowers. com

Mondialflowers are well known for their online flower order and delivery service in Morocco, precisely all round Marrakech. Their working hours include Mondays to Saturdays, during which they accept and execute orders. They also allow customers to throw in a few other extras to the package and have already laid customers’ orders for those who may be a little confused as to what to get. At Mondialflowers, they offer a next-day delivery service.

Floraqueen. com

With their service, you have access to quite a number of fresh bouquets to be delivered in Marrakech and even anywhere else in the world. All you need to do is choose your preferred location and include the text you want to be delivered along with the flowers. You can also opt for extras like chocolates, cards, and teddies.


If you love flowers with a splash of colors and beautiful combinations, then flora2000 is your best stop. The website offers a lot of beautifully handcrafted flower combinations for customers to choose from, and deliver it wherever you want in Marrakech.

Searching for the best flower stores or online order and delivery sites is pretty easy. Feel free to follow any of our recommendations to save you a lot of stress.